Sensational Smudges
Where else in New Zealand will you find such a vast range of smudge sticks? 

You can now experience a REAL choice of smudges and naturally aromatic sticks.

All smudge sticks are hand picked and processed respectfully. Information about the variety and how to use it is included on the packet. 

Discounts on bulk orders available (conditions apply). 
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 4 Directions smudge stick

4 Directions
A mix of 4 aromatic plants: Blue Sage, Sweet Grass & Sage Flowers   

Approx length:
18 - 20cm


Black Sage Smudge Stick Black Sage (Mugwort)
Immortality, longevity, wisdom, purification

Approx length:


Blue Sage smudge sticks - large sizeBlue Sage, Cinnamon & Lavendar smudge stickBlue Sage & Flat Cedar

Blue Sage
 For cleansing negativity Two sizes available: medium and large (pictured) 

Approx length medium:
17 - 18cm

Approx length large:
22 - 25cm

Blue Sage, Cinnamon & Lavender
Richly aromatic

Approx length:

Blue Sage & Flat Cedar
New beginnings: combining Blue Sage with Flat Cedar (blessing, purification, offering)

Approx length:
17 - 18cm

Blue Sage & Lavender smudge stick

Blue Sage & Lavendar
Blue Sage (a/k/a Grandfmother sage) offers new beginnings, while Lavendar offers purification & healing

Approx length:


Circle of Friends smudge stick 

Circle of Friends
A great combo: White Sage, Blue Sage, Copal,   Flat Cedar & Sweet Grass

Approx length:
16 - 18cm


 Desert Magic Sage smudge stick

Desert Magic Sage
A richly aromatic sage 

Approx length:
21 - 23cm




Juniper smudge stick

Has a strong aroma & said to have strong cleansing qualities to match. 

Approx length:
20 - 22cm


Manifestation smudge stick

Money Draw smudge stick

A peaceful mix of Frankincense, Vanilla & Sandalwood

Approx length:


Money Draw
Blue Sage with Money Draw - an ancient recipe of Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon & Sandalwood

Approx length:
16 - 18cm


 Palo Santo Cones - Holy Wood

Palo Santo Cones, "Holy Wood"
A natural wood said to clear negative energies; a natural aromatic incense

Sold in a pack of 4 cones


Sweet Grass Braid 

Sweet Grass Braid
Braided Sweet Grass

Approx length:
54 - 60cm


White Sage & Lavendar smudge stick

White Sage & Lavender
An unmistakable aromatic combo

Approx length:



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